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farVIEW is a Windows program that helps you store and organize information and activities. Use farVIEW to share your information with others or with yourself on other computers. You can download the latest version here.

Using farVIEW, you can store links to internet pages (i.e., bookmarks, of course), images, music, documents, spreadsheets...just about anything you can store on a computer, without disturbing their locations in the directories on your hard-drive, network drives, thumb drives, etc. And farVIEW links make your information a simple double-click away.

You use your mouse and keyboard to add and arrange information using drag-and-drop, scriptable popup menus, and dialog windows, as you collect, organize, index, search, and browse your information. You can use farVIEW to package information virtually any way you want, and you can distribute packaged and searchable information to others.

farVIEW is easy and intuitive to use, sticking to standard Windows user interface practices. But, at the same time, farVIEW has considerable depth to explore: it supports a simple but powerful scripting language and a forms language based on Mozilla's industry standard XUL. The installation package includes many examples of both languages.

The Windows version of farVIEW evolved over a number of years from the original MSDOS farVIEW that I developed in the late 80s and early 90s. The MSDOS version, along with its on-line manuals,  is also freely available for download. It runs in an MSDOS command window, and runs fine on any modern Windows machine.

farVIEW for Windows is a work in progress, but I have been using it with a number of different text databases (I call them "farBooks") since the turn of the century. You could use a farBook on a thumbdrive in class or in the office to collect and organize class notes or project documents, searchable source files and the like. And, because you can share a farBook with others over your LAN or the Internet, you can use farVIEW for workgrouping and other collaborations.

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