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Here is my Electronic License Agreement cribbed from others that I have seen:

This is a legal Agreement between you and Paul J Medlock, Jr. (hereinafter referred to as "I" or "me"). The terms of this Agreement govern your use of the software in the farVIEW package and any other materials on this website. By downloading and installing the software in the farVIEW package, or other materials on this website, you are agreeing to be bound by this Agreement. If you do not agree to the terms of this Agreement, please do not download and install the software onto your computer. You are free to use the farVIEW software on your machine and/or other machines on a LAN in your home and/or at your office at no cost. You are not free to give copies to others. If others are interested in it, direct them to this site instead. You may not sell the software in any form, no matter how well you hide it. Nor can you claim that you wrote it. I did. All materials that are copyrightable are copyrighted by me.

I make no warranty for your use of this software. It is not corporate-ready: there is no encryption or authentication in this version, there are still some bugs, and you should consider it to be alpha-level at best. Nor do I promise that it does what I claim it does. If the documentation makes an outlandish claim of functionality, test the software before assuming that it actually does what's claimed. If you have any problem, or if farVIEW causes you any loss: personal, financial, hardware, emotional, or otherwise, I am in no way responsible, and I am not liable for any damages whatsoever. If you violate patents, trademarks, or copyrights with the use of this software, I am not a party to that violation, and I won't help you in court. Don't forget, it's free.

In other words, use it at your own risk.

Here is an install file containing the latest alpha-level version of the Windows version of farVIEW and its supporting files. If you download the software, it means you are willing to abide by the terms and conditions of the License Agreement above.

It is my hope that, if you download and play with farVIEW, you will be kind enough to give me some feedback: bugs, features, comments, etc.

I'm using the Inno Setup Compiler, version 3.0.6 (b) by Jordan Russel. His homepage is http://www.innosetup.com. It is easy to use and more than enough for farVIEW's installation needs.

Here is some general information about how to get started with farVIEW.

How to install farVIEW

How to start farVIEW

Change Log