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Editing Content

When you set the Source property to specify a URL, a command line, or any other value that invokes another program, farVIEW does not provide any special services for that topic. But, if you leave the Source property empty, or enter a file name preceeded by a dollar-sign ($), when you double-click the topic in the Contents window, farVIEW opens a multi-line edit window to display the text of the topic.

You can use both the mouse and the keyboard to control the farVIEW editor in pretty much the usual way. The farVIEW text editor responds to a number of keyboard commands, which are specified in the [EditorKeys] and the [EditorCommands] sections of the farview.ini preferences file. See the discussion in Preferences about the Keyboard for information of how to program the farVIEW editor to use your favorite keyboard command set.

farVIEW supports the Windows clipboard in the usual way. It also supports dragging text within an edit window and between edit windows.To copy text within the same window using drag-and-drop, be sure to hold the Control key (labeled Ctrl) down when dropping the text into the target position.